Traceability & FashionBEAUTIFUL , GOOD... CERTIFICATE!

In May 2012 Magliefico Emmebivi obtained a further extention of certificates of traceability which now cover most of our production.   The certificate of traceability is issued by the Committee UNIONFILIERE (Association of European Chambers of Commerce for the development of chains on Made in Italy) and it ensures the traceability and transparency of the production cycle.  Every single item produced, which satisfies the requirements for certification, is distinguished by its history Retraceable in five stages which are expressed in a specific identification code.

The five stages of the product
Design- nation 
Yarn - Source
Fabric - a manufacturing nation
Melamine - nation processing
Packaged nation - a nation of cutting an sewing


Furthermore, the code allows traceability to the customer, by accessing the area in the website http://www.tfashion.camcom.it  chech the veracity of the information on the label by simply entering the code number of certified garment .

Our certificates
CTC0061C - CTC0061D: garment in Cotton and cotton on the skin /wool outside
CTC0061E  - CTC0061F: garment In Wool/Silk  and Wool Blend


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