We are constantly engaged in the research of new yarn mixes, with  the aim of significantly reducing the consumption of natural , animal and plant resources, limiting the environmental impact of the manufacturing processes.

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All productions have an impact on the enviroment ia a way or another, so we have introduced artificial fibers by cellulosic origin in our assortments giving a sustainability response to reckoned impact of textile-clothing industry to the world pollution.

  • These fibers, from Modal to  Tencel™ lyocell, have a low-impact production in order to reduce the use of energy and chemical products. 
  • The new blends made by cellulosic and natural row materials assure garments with longer lifespam, long-lasting performance and easy care. 
  • Artificial fibers are recycled and the natural ones are biodegradable.

Today it’s possible to be responsibly stylish.



Today we produce fabrics with blends of selected yarns with a precise balance of fibers so that each item realized responds not only to aesthetic standards, but also to specific comfort requirements for different of use or seasonality. Always respecting the environment . Here is our choice.

100% natural
80% merino wool 15% pure silk

The mix of Merino extra fine wool and pure silk creates a uniquem, inimitable fabric. The combination of the two noble natural fibers mainteins a constant body temperature regardless of the variation of the outdoor climate, (thermoregolation).The garments are soft, ensure transpiration, of the skin and they have tubolar shape because the side are seamless. Give yourself a wonderful hug.

Cotton to the top

Filoscozia® orginal is a cotton yarn of the hightest quality, obtained exclusively from the noble varietis of the plant. The products in Filoscozia® original are subjected to strict product specification to strengthen and enhance the natural characteristics of cotton, and this is the reason why the garments are more comfortable in contact with the skin and unrivalled thanks also to the seamless tubular knitting on the side.

Touch of woman vitality Feel the softness

Fabrics made in 60% Merinos Wool and 40% Modal by Lenzing, ensure a soft fit and natural elasticity thanks to the feature of the yarn, and the ribbed detailing, tubular knitting on the sides: the thermoregulation of the wool confers comfort and performance to each knitted garment;the Modal gives maximum lightness and gright colours for every occasion.
eco wool silk

Responsible style

Tencel™ lyocell is a cellulosic fiber with a low production impact to reduce energy consumption and the use of chemicals. The new blend, made from biodegradable and recyclable raw materials, guarantees garments with a longer like, durable performance and easy care.

Natural every day

Resistant, soft, fresh, breathable: since ancient times cotton has dressed and protected us every day. For this reason, we use quality yarns selected from the best production areas to create specific fabrics and products for each season of the year and use function.

100% Tencel Lyocell

Soft, comfortable texture with the skin. Thermoregulator, helps our body to maintain a constant temperature. Breathable, fresh sensation and long-lasting comfort. Hygroscopic, it absorbs moisture, preventing the proliferation of bacteria. Ecological, fiber derived from sustainable wood sources with environmentally friendly processes. Shiny, bright and durable colors.

Certified GRS polyviscose fleece
Eco-friendly and Hypoallergenic

To the touch the softness of the micromodal, woven together with recycled polyester viscose and GRS certified, makes this article comfortable and eco- sustainable.

70% Organic Cotton – 30% Recycled Polyester

Cotton from organic farming is grown without the use of chemicals. Organic farming methods have been created specifically to reduce the impact on the environment. It preserves biodiversity, soil fertility and decreases the risk of pollution of the aquifers.The certified GRS polyester yarn makes this article comfortable and eco-sustainable.


In may 2012, Emmebivi obtained a further extention of the traceability certificates that now cover most of our productions. The traceability certificate is issued by the UNIONFILIERE commitee (Association of Chambers of Commerce for the enhancement of Made in Italy supply chains) and it guarantees  the traceability and transparency of the production cycle.
Each single item we produce, meets the certification characteristics and ischaraterized by his history that can be retraced in five stages, expressed in a specific recognition code. 

Our certificates

CTC0061C – CTC0061D: Intimate item cotton  on the skin and wool blend outside and pure cotton underwear.

CTC0061E – CTC0061F: Wool/Silk underwear garments and mixed wool underwear .


Design emmebivi

Design - nation

Yarn - origin

Tessuto ennebivi

Fabric – nation of production

Finishing – processing country

Sewing operation – country of cutting operation and country of sewing operation

Tracking code indicated on the garment label
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