Since the beginning, the company is based on a great attention to the women univers and needs for a product that enhances the sleek modernity, and the refined simplicity. From 55 years,  Emmebivi 's  team respods to the market with accurate  balance  policy  between product positioning and pricing .


Creative research, careful selection of yarns and accessories, attention to all stages of production, strict quality control characterize the approach  of Emmebivi to the product.  With a duty cycle of a vertical system, from design to packaging, every step is followed with skill and without losing sight of the ultimate objective of offering the best product at the best price /quality ratio.

To achieve this goal only the most qualified and respected nationa and foreign companies are suppliers of yarns, laces and accessories , and with some the them Emmebvii has a special relationship to the development of exclusive products .

Each garment meets not only aesthetic , but also comfort according to different time of use and season. Style is determinated according to the tastes of different consumers,  innovation and simplicity, creativity and tradition.  


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